Responding to a calling from beneath the Earth’s canopy, to gather, honour and share the wisdom of all plant teaching revealed to humanity, Maya Ethnobotanicals became established in the year 2000.
The first in the world to offer an extraordinary range of premium products, serving customers from all directions of the wind, Maya turned into a globally renowned pioneer: bringing the forces of nature and visionary arts from the forest into our global village, respecting the old and nourishing the new.

Here and now, 23 years later, Maya maintains partnerships all around the world, supporting scores of local people, adhering to the highest ethics of cultivating & selecting, the highest standards of harvesting, with our roots in the past, our eyes on the future and our arms around the present, we continue our mission with devotion to rekindle the fire within and awaken the forces of Nature.
Earth. Haarlem. Maya.

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