Chakapa's from Peru - Special offer: 10% discount

Chakapas are handmade in the Amazonian jungle in Peru, where they are used as a rhythm and healing instrument. It is a bundle of leaves from the Olyra latifolia plant, and they make a hypnotic and soothing rattling sound when shaken. Traditionally the Chakapa is used by the shaman during Ayahuasca ceremonies when icaros are also sung to help call in the spirit helpers. The sound of the Chakapa is said to comfort patients during the ceremony and can assist in "cleansing" the energy surrounding the patient. Shamans have a large variety of Chakapa movements that create different sounds and energy waves. It is said that once the shaman has caught any bad spirits in the Chakapa, it is then blown out through the leaves into the forest. There any negative energy is taken in by the trees and plants and dispersed in the purifying love of Mother Nature.

Important: Before using the Chakapa, it must first be humidified. As the item is completely dehydrated and flattened before shipping, the leaves and stems are very brittle and will break upon first use. The Chakapa must be brought back to life and made flexible and neat. In order to do so, unpack the Chakapa and spray clean water over it from all sides and set it aside for a day. You can also place it outside at night in the rain. After the leaves have absorbed the moisture en feel soft and no longer brittle, you can rearrange the leaves and shake the item so that the leaves reorganise themselves and the Chakapa becomes more voluminous. Every time before using it, make sure to repeat this process the night before. Often curanderos in the Amazon spray the leaves with aqua Florida or other flowerwater by taking a mouthful of it and spraying it onto the leaves. Of course it is also advised to treat the Chakapa this way after a ceremony, to wash off all the energies it has gathered. You can find the Shakapa's here.



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