Acacia acuminata (Acacia)

Broad Leaf, Phyllodes, Whole from Australia (SKU 4230)

Broad leaf Acacia acuminata. Lovingly and consciously wild harvested phyllodes from newly fell trees in municipal regions of the Wheatbelt, Western Australia. Our local harvester has a strong connection with nature and has selected to harvest only from trees that commune approval. Material from this tree is very sustainable as phyllodes are collected from fallen branches or trees. 

Acacia acuminata is a native Australian tree that is endemic to arid-regions of Western Australia. It grows commonly in the south-east of the beautiful state of Western Australia. It has the name Raspberry Jam Wattle as it produces the most beautiful, raspberry scent from the leaves, wood and the bark. In the Spring, the blossoms have a sweet and subtle aroma that takes over the warm forest breeze. In traditional Aboriginal cooking, the seeds were ground into a fine flour and used to bake small cakes over hot coals. Wattleseed flour is beginning to grow popular as Australian modern cuisine begins to gain momentum within Australia and hopefully will expand into the international arena in the future. The wood produces a resinous gum that can be chewed or alternatively, steeped in water to make a tea. 

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