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Acacia acuminata (Acacia)

Broad Leaf, Phyllodes, Whole from Australia (SKU 3713)

Broad leaf Acacia acuminata. This was carefully collected from new growth foliage near Esperance in Western Australia, early November 2017.
Material from this tree is very sustainable as phyllodes often come from fallen branches or trees. Very little material is ever taken from living trees. 

Acacia acuminata grows as a tall shrub or small tree growing 3-7m, In ideal conditions it may grow to a height of ten metres, but in mostly it does not grow above five metres. As with most Acacia species, it has phyllodes rather than true leaves. These are bright green, around ten centimetres long and about two millimetres wide, and finish in a long point. The lemon yellow flowers are held in tight cylindrical clusters about two centimetres long, flowering occurs from late winter to spring. The pods are light brown and flattened, about ten centimetres long and five millimetres wide and are present during summer.

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