Calcium Hydroxide (Lime)

Lime, Powdered from India (SKU 0633)

Pure Calcium Hydroxide (CaH2O2), milled and sifted into a fine powder. 

Hydrated lime is a dry powder obtained by treating quicklime with sufficient water to satisfy its chemical affinity for water, thereby converting the oxides to hydroxides. Hydrated lime, though only slightly soluble in water, forms suspensions easily; the resulting solution and suspension is strongly alkaline, possessing a pH of 12.4. Traditionally, lime is used in different parts of the world because of its alkaline properties: for example in the Betelnut (Areca catechu) quid, as an essential additive for chewing Coca (Erythroxylum coca), or as an ingredient of the famous South-American Yopo and Cebil (Anadenanthera sp.) snuff-powders.

Other names: Hydrated lime, Calcium hydroxide, CaH2O2.

Precaution to be taken in handling and storage: Store in a cool, dry location. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Handle with care. Skin contact: May cause irritation, particular on damp skin. Repeated or prolonged contact could lead to dermatitis. Wash affected area with mild soap and water. Inhalation: Over exposure may produce irritation of the mucous membranes, nose, throat, coughing and shortness of breath.  Eye Contact: Flush immediately with large amounts of water, lifting the lower and upper lids occasionally. Seek medical help.

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The product is packaged as botanical specimen and is not intended, branded, labelled, or marketed as a consumer product. 

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