Leonotis leonurus (Wild Dagga)

Flowers, Cut from South Africa (SKU 4345)

Excellent quality Wild Dagga flower heads. Harvested in South Africa.

Tall shrubby South African plant of the Lamiaceae (Mint family) with deep green foliage that elongates into long strips after flowering. Especially striking for its fiery orange, feathery flower tufts that bloom in spikes or balls, depending on the species (e.g., L. leonurus vs. L. nepetefolia). The very closely related L. nepetefolia has similar morphological and entheogenic properties, and looks very similar. However, L. leonurus is commonly called "Lion’s Tail" because of its feathery gladiolus-like spiked flowers, whereas L. nepetofolia is commonly called "Lion’s Ear" because of its furry ball-shaped flower bundle. The scent of the foliage is very planty and minty and needs to be kept in sealable closed containers, as the aroma is rather pungent.


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