Eriosema cordatum (Bangalala)

Herb, Powdered from South Africa (SKU 3186)

Finely powdered, excellent quality, Bangalala herb from South Africa.

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Prostrate, ascending or rarely erect herbs, (5)12–45(60) cm long, from a woody rootstock 15–23 × 1–1.5(?10) cm. Stems densely hairy with ± spreading bristly white or ± ferruginous hairs c. 3 mm long. Leaves 1–3-foliolate, the lower ones often predominently 1-foliolate but sometimes all 3-foliolate; leaflets 4.3–13.3 × 1.7–9 cm, the terminal one elliptic to round ovate or lanceolate, the laterals more obliquely oblong-elliptic, rounded to acute or subacute and shortly mucronate at the apex, rounded to slightly or distinctly cordate at the base, sparsely pilose above and more densely so beneath, discolorous or not; petiole 2–4(7 even 20) mm long; rhachis 1–1.6(2.3) mm long; stipules (4)17(23) × (3)5–12 mm, lanceolate, tapering acute, venose, densely hairy, at first connate at the base but often splitting. Inflorescences 2–5.5(10) cm long; peduncle 3–20.5 cm long, hairy as on stems, occasionally with 1–2 stipuliform bracts 8 × 2 mm; floral bracts 9 × 2.5 mm, lanceolate, soon falling; pedicels 1 mm long. Flowers deflexed; calyx pilose, the tube 3.5–5 mm long and lobes 3(7.5) mm long, triangular to triangular-lanceolate. Corolla yellow and brown or red; standard (8)9(12.3) × 7(9) mm excluding the 2–3 mm long claw, obovate; wings 7(11.5) × 3(4) mm excluding the 1–2 mm long claw, oblanceolate-obovate; keel petals 7(8.5) × 2.8(4.5) mm excluding the 1(2.8) mm long claw, oblong-rhombic, very densely gland-dotted at tip. Pods blackish, 1.6–1.7 × (0.9)1.1–1.3 cm, oblong-elliptic; seeds black, (3)6 × (2.4)3.5 mm, oblong with pale hilum.

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