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Acorus calamus (Calamus)

Root, Cut from Poland (SKU 0016)

Excellent quality, roughly cut Calamus roots from Poland.

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Acorus calamus, Sweet Flag, belongs to the Araceae (Arum family) and is a common plant in Europe, Asia and also America. This aquatic plant likes quiet waters. Calamus is a grass-like, rhizome forming, perennial that can grow to 2 meters high, resembling an Iris. This species inhabits perpetually wet areas like the edges of streams and around ponds and lakes, in ditches and seeps. The plants have long creeping roots that spread out just below the surface of the soil. These roots spread horizontally and can grow to almost 2 meter in length. The thick, erect leaves are very similar in appearance to those of an Iris, but with edges that are crimped. Plants very rarely flower or set fruit, but when they do, the flowers are 3-8 cm long, cylindrical in shape, greenish brown and covered in a multitude of rounded spikes. The fruits are small and berry-like, containing few seeds. Calamus flowers from early to late summer depending on the latitude. The herb normally grows between 1000 to 3700 meter. Calamus can often be found growing close to Indian villages, camping areas or trails.

Calamus is used in incense mixtures in ancient Mesopotamia and by the ancient Egyptians in their Kyphi mixtures. Calamus has a strong herbal, warm, spicy, Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) like fragrance.

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