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Mauritia flexuosa (Aguaje)

Fruit, Dry Extract 6:1 from Peru (SKU 0076)

Finely powdered extract made from Aguaye fruits. Ratio 6:1 Cultivated and produced in Peru. Packed in 50 ml PET pots.

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Mauritia flexuosa, known as the Moriche Palm is a palm tree, member of the Arecaceae (Palm family). It grows in and near swamps and other wet areas in tropical South America. It is an elegant tree which can reach up to 35 meter in height. The large leaves form a rounded crown. The flowers are yellowish, and appear from December to April. The fruit, which grows from December to June, is a chestnut colour and is covered with shiny scales. The yellow flesh covers a hard, oval, nut. The seeds float, and this is the means by which the palm tree propagates. In natural populations the tree reaches very high densities.

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