Entada Rheedii (Snuff Box Sea Bean)

Beans, Dry Extract 50:1 from Thailand (SKU 2756)

Dry 50:1 extract of Entada rheedii, produced by hydro-alcoholic extraction, from seeds from Thailand. 1 gram extract is produced from 50 grams seeds. 10 and 20 grams packed in clear PET jars.

Family: Leguminosae (Pea family)

Entada rheedi is a liana that can grow to the staggering height of 75 metres, earning it one of its common names: Giant sea bean. The stem twines around other trees for support and its flowers produce enormous pods, of up to 2 metres containing the dark brown, flat seeds. These seeds are dispersed through the waterways, drifting along until they wash ashore where after many years they may take root.
These beautiful seeds are often incorporated into jewelry or used as an amulet.


Other names: African Dream Herb, giant sea bean, snuff box

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