Mansoa alliacea (Ajos Sacha)

Wood, Whole from Peru (SKU 0204)

A rare botanical, with its characteristic garlic scent, Whole pieces of ethically and sustainably harvested Ajos Sacha wood, from Peru. Wildharvested in the tropical rainforest by the Shipibo-Conibo Indian community near Vista Alegre de Iparia, Ucayali, Peru. No pesticides or fertilisers used.

Dimensions: Diameter 2-4 cm. Length 9-13 cm.

Ajos Sacha grows into a cluster of vines, and it is common to plant it next to the trunk of a tree. Deep lavender flowers with white throat fading to a paler lavender. Blooms heavily in the Spring and Fall. Will have some flowers on and off throughout the year. Flowers start off purple and change to a lighter shade of lavender with age. Eventually fading to almost white. You will see 3 different color of flowers at the same time on the plant.

This vine has a strong Garlic fragrance, and is even used as substitute for Garlic in food. Our Mansoa is not food-grade and is not intended for consumption.

The plant, when used as an amulet and its fragrance when burned will drive away evil spirits. Used for cleansing the aura or to purify ritual objects.

This natural product is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for any specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen. The product is packaged as botanical specimen and is not intended, branded, labelled, or marketed as a consumer product.

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