Ocotea quixos (Ishpingo)

Leaves, Whole from Ecuador (SKU 4320)

Fair Trade Ishpingo leaves. The harvesting community is located in Archidona, Napo province, and belongs to the Quichua tribe. Their Ishpingo is grown and harvested using only traditional methods, ensuring sustainability and preservation of nature, knowledge and culture.

Ishpingo is the Quechua word for the native Ecuadorian "Cinnamon" tree Ocotea quixos (of the Lauraceae family), found only in a small region of Amazonian Ecuador and Colombia. It is of the same family as the common Cinnamon and has a similar delicious aroma. Very slow growing when young at a rate of about 6 inches a year for the 1st 2 or 3 years. The leaves have a very pleasant smell like Dentene gum. The bark can be harvested like cinnamon. Seeds are about 3/4 inch in diamter. The tree is found abundantly in the Amazon basin of Colombia and Ecuador, from sea level up to 1000m in altitude.

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