Ajos Sacha Pendant With Bead

from Peru (SKU 4463)

A pendant of the Mansoa alliacea vine with wooden beads. Diameter of the vine is approximately 4-5 cm. Ajos Sacha is well used and respected by most of the indigenous Indian tribes of the Amazon and many consider the plant to be magical or spiritual and capable of driving away evil spirits or used for good luck.

Please be aware that as these slices are a product of pure nature, the slice you receive may vary in colour, shape and pattern to the ones in the photo.

Ajos Sacha has many spiritual uses, and is a powerful teacher plant. The plant is often used in a "Baño de florecimiento", meaning "Flourishing bath" to attract good luck, wealth and prosperity into one's life. Among many other herbs, such as Mucura, Guayusa, Toe and Piri Piri, Ajos sacha is often used as an admixture of Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi) preparations.