Ayahuasca Pendant With Bead

Rudraksha Bead, Vine from Peru (SKU 4464)

Slices of the Mother Vine combined with a Ruraksha bead. Please be aware that as these pendants are a product of pure nature, the pendant you receive may vary slightly in colour, shape and pattern to the one in the photo.

Width approx. 3 cm. Height approx. 6-9 cm.

Banisteriopsis Caapi, also known as the Mother Vine, and the Vine of the Soul, represents rebirth and spiritual awakening, and the energy resonating from these pendants is gentle yet powerful. These pendants are intended to be a symbol of the wearers relationship with the vine, and can instill a feeling of peace and harmony with what is around you. Keep the sacred spirit of the vine close to you for healing and spiritual growth, to feel connected with the spirit world, and understand the true nature of life.
The sustainably harvested Banisteriopsis Caapi vine from Peru and Brazil was carefully selected and lovingly sliced and polished here in The Netherlands, and is imbued with the very special Maya energy that fills our workspace.

This item is not allowed in the following countries:

Australia, Canada, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine