Clavohuasca Pendant With Bead

Vine, Sqaure from Peru (SKU 4460)

Polished and oiled square sections of the Tynanthus panurensis vine and wooden beads. Diameter of the vine is approximately 3-5 cm. 

Please be aware that as these slices are a product of pure nature, the slice you receive may vary in colour, shape and pattern to the ones in the photo.


Clavohuasca is a large jungle vine in the same botanical family as the legendary Banisteriopsis caapi, and is easily recognizable by the "maltese cross" seen in the cross section of the vine. Found in abundance in the Amazon rainforest, its name means "clove vine" due to the warm clove-like scent of the bark and leaves. Clavohuasca has traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac for both men and women, and whilst not psychoactive in itself, has also been used as an ingredient of Ayahuasca, to help combat the nausea.