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Chumpi stones Magnetite

Large, Set Of 7 Stones, 7 Cm, 4600 Gr from Peru (SKU 2445)

This is a complete and rare set of 7 very large Chumpi stones (1 upto 7 points), made from magnetite. Each individual stone is protected in a handwoven pouch. Approximate weight of this set is 4600 grams.

Sacred Chumpi stones. The stones are hand made from magnetite. The origin and age of these stones are unknown. They hold the keys to the cosmology of the Inca and have the power to generate a light-filled web of connection with the elements of creation: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and pure Spirit. 

In the Qechua language, they are called Khuyas. Chumpi Stones are used by the Inca and today by religious practitioners (Paqo priests or shamans) and new age healers to connect with chakra-like energy bands that encircle the human body also known as the "bands of power", providing a protection around your energy body. Chumpi Stones are specific for this ritual healing. If you feel your energy drained or need protection for various situations these are powerful protectors. They are connected to the Apus (mountains) of Peru and have been used in shamanic ceremonies in the Andes for centuries. There are two kinds of Chumpi Khuyas, the more ancient magnetite stones and the modern carved alabaster stones. We are pleased to offer sets and individual stones of both kinds. The stones made from magnetite are speculated to be ancient.

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