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Cherokee Flutes

Eagle from Peru (SKU 3846)

We love these hand made and hand painted Cherokee Flutes. Created by the very talented curandero, William Llerena Murayari. These one-off flutes are made of Pino wood, in G note, and are not only very easy to play, but are a piece of art in themselves. 

Cherokee Flutes, handmade and hand painted by the curandero, William Llerena Murayari andn his wife Celma Huayta Chavez. William is a maestro of music, painting and healing, from Pucallpa in Peru. Through the lineage of his kokomo grandfather, he is connected deeply with the amazonian traditions of medicine and music. Well known for his beautiful Icaros (check out his CD: El Mistico II - Ayahuasca Icaros) these flutes are decorated with visions and experiences from his ceremonies. The Shipibo Flute is painted by Williams wife, Celma who dedicates her time to the representation of the icaros in the traditional Shibipo way. The Shipibos have great reverance for these designs and consider them to carry great power. Truly amazing, not only a handmade instrument but also a true piece of art. The flutes are made of Pino wood, in G note, and are very easy to play.


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