Rotan boxes

Set Of 2 from Indonesia (SKU 2791)

A beautiful set of 2 Rotan boxes. Dimensions are: Larger box - length: 85 mm, width: 85 mm, height: 60 mm. Smaller box - length: 75 mm, width: 75 mm, height: 40 mm. Please note, that these dimensions may vary slightly, as each box is a unique handwoven item. Some are not a perfect square but have a more organic shape which we believe is the beauty of such handmade products.

Handwoven set of Rotan boxes from the magical island of Bali. They have been woven mainly by women in a small village to the southwest of Bali.  Each box may vary slightly from each other (color, pattern, design, size). This is exactly what makes each of these products unique.