Selaginella lepidophylla (Rose of Jericho)

Plant, Whole, Medium from Mexico (SKU 0753)

Large specimen of Jericho Roses, sizes ranging from 7-14 cm. To see a time lapse video of the "resurrection" of the Rose of Jericho, click here.

The Rose of Jericho belongs to the Selaginellaceae (Spikemoss family). It is a desert plant. For long periods, they live in desert regions, growing and reproducing as any other plant until the environment no longer supports an adequate existence. When this time comes, they retract their roots from the soil and allow the desert winds to carry them across the desert like tiny tumbleweeds, until they arrive in a place anywhere they happen to be when a rain comes. You could say they feel their way through this process, as they don't necessarily remain in the first place they stop, but feel into the nature of the place to see if it is adequate to enhance growth. There they may stay, and grow, or indeed they may move again many times. But at all times, they feel, and trust to the movement that surrounds them.

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