Woven Band

Colombia, Orange Green Brown, 2.5 Cm from Colombia (SKU 3769)

Beautifully woven armbands with geometric patterns created by the women of the Wayúu community of Colombia.
Width: 2.5 cm, total length: 25 cm

In the south of the Guajira, in Colombia, a group of Wayúu artisans are settled. Here their story was born: Woikaa Crafts, that in the wayuunaiki language means "we sell". Their fabrics are the result of the union of the ancient knowledge that their maternal grandmothers transmitted to them, and the significance of the Wayuu art. In the geometric patterns or Kannasû they interpret the world that surrounds them and their relationship with Mother Earth (the great Wayúu woman); they represent the sun, the stars, the trees, the traces of the animals, their thoughts and cosmogony. With the introduction of commercialism, the importance of Wayuu weaving has been changed in order to focus on a commercial product, where it often loses its meaning as a part of the tribes cultural legacy. In addition to the social, economic, political and cultural problems in which the community find themselves as a people, a high level of inequality has been generated, resulting in the exploitation of the women's labor. This powerful community is aware of this complex reality, and therefore seek to join efforts with fair-trade companies in order to maintain and highlight the importance of preserving their cultural traditions. In situations like this, we are honoured to be able to support this community and to offer their woven armbands on our site at a fair price. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Other names: Armband, Friendship Band, Bracelet