Tsunu ashes

Ashes, 50 Gr from Brazil (SKU 4357)

Tsunu is a tall majestic tree. The Yawanawa consider it one of their most sacred trees. Tsunu ash is said to have a healing power and spiritual force, and can aid energetic cleansing. Tsunu has a typically uplifting and clearing frequency. It has strong feminine qualities and is ideal for balancing energies and finding deep grounding.

Our Tsunu ashes are made by the Yawanawa in the village Matrichan on the Gregorio River in Acre state of Brazil. It was burned from true Tsunu trees. They burn the bark and the wood together in the traditional slow way, to guarantee consistency of the ashes. After it is burned it is sieved and stored securely before being transported to the nearest city and shipped us.


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