Cyperus articulatus (Piri Piri)

Root, Whole from Peru (SKU 0365)

Whole root bulbs of Piri Piri, from Peru. Wildharvested in the tropical rainforest by the Shipibo-Conibo Indian community near Vista Alegre de Iparia, Ucayali, Peru. No pesticides or fertilisers used. 

Piri Piri is a type of reed-like tropical grass called a "sedge-grass." It can attain the height of 6 feet and grows in damp, marshy and flooded areas along the rivers and streams (where it can help control soil erosion) in the Amazon basin. It grows in clumps from dividing rhizomes which are about 2 cm long and 1.5 cm in diameter. The tall green stems are fibrous, round, and hollow and can be up to 3/4 in. wide at the base. Piri Piri stems have sometimes been used like reeds in basket-making and other crafts by the locals in the Amazon. It produces small, white, wheat-like flowers at the very top of its long stems. Although native to the Amazon, Piri Piri can be found in many other tropical areas and countries, including the southern United States, Africa, Asia, Australia, and across the South American continent. It can be found growing alongside the Nile River in Africa just as it grows alongside the Amazon River in South America. (1)

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