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Wood, Sticks from Australia (SKU 4451)

Australian Sandalwood sticks, highly aromatic. These small sticks are 5-6 cms long. Simply light the end of a stick, allow to burn for a while, then blow out. Perfect for smudging.

Australian Sandalwood has been used in the cosmetic industry for a long time for its anti-aging properties and is a powerful antioxidant. It is used for its antimicrobial properties, as an incense and as an essential oil. Made from the heartwood of the tree.

The aboriginals of Australia have been well aware of the special properties of the Sandalwood tree for many centuries. The wood of the tree is used for carvings and is the preferred wood for use in ceremonies. In Ayurveda, Sandalwood paste is described to have antipyretic and astringent properties. Chinese traditional medicine recommends the use of the paste for skin inflammation, cystitis and biliary problems.

Other names: Santalum spicatum, Australian Sandalwood

This is a natural product, used as incense or in perfumery, or as an ingredient of incense and other perfumery or potpourri preparations.
Some incense plants or products may have some history of other folklore purposes, but we offer this product for its use as incense. Not food grade, not for consumption.

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