Sacred Plants - Hawaiian Woodrose

Seeds, Whole, 10 Seeds from Reunion (SKU 3340)

Top quality viable Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds wild harvested on the beautiful island Reunion.


max: 10

Argyrea nervosa belongs to the Convolvulaceae (Bindweed family). Beautiful woody, flowering vine that grows well in full sun on a trellis. The leaves are large, downy and have velvety white hairs. The flowers are purple on the inside fading lighter at the ends. The seed pods dry into woody "roses" which hold one to four seeds.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose has a very tough seed coat and nicking aids in germination a lot. Take very sharp scissors and make a shallow snip away from the germ eye, just piercing the seed coat. Alternatively you can take a file and file away a bit, again away from the germ eye. Some people recommend pouring boiling water over the freshly nicked seeds, and to let them sit over night, but this is not necessary. Plant in free draining soil (Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is somewhat susceptible to rot). In any event if the seeds are good, germination should occur in less than a week.

The plant does not like a lot of light when it is young. Put the seedlings in direct light every day until they show some signs of wilting, then take them out. This way the seedlings are getting the maximum amount of sunlight they can handle and soon adapt to it and pump out as much growth as possible. Alternatively you can start them off outside in pots in full sun. This way they will adapt to lots of light very quickly, again take them out of the sun when they show signs of wilting.

Keep soil moist but not wet. Still make sure to water regularly. If they remain dry too long they will start to wilt and appear to have gotten too much sun. It is, unlike its close relative Morning Glory (Ipomea violacea), a very slow grower, and can take up to two years to even reach a foot tall. Feed the plants regularly with fertiliser (20,20,20), which they seem to respond well to. Any fertiliser will do. Also worm castings is recommended when younger. Whatever you use just make sure to start off with half the recommended strength.

Good luck with it if you don't live in a tropical climate. The most important factor in getting them to flower is ensuring enough space for the roots. Hawaiian Baby Woodrose gets potbound very easily after its first year or so of growth. You think she's barely growing but it seems to focus its energy on growing roots.

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