Psyometry 1581

Painting, 140 X 140 Cm from Indonesia (SKU 3105)

Painted by hand. Approximately 140 x 140 cm. Ultraviolet fluorescent acrylic on thick black cotton. Back-drop style, with assembly rings on each corner and side.

The images show the painting with and without ultraviolet light.

Psyometry Design. Psychedelic self manifesting expressions from inner and outer dimensions, captured in UV acrylic on canvas. Formless entities expressing themselves through your own consciousness. Now also available on vinyl stickers.

The designs are inspired by South American Shipibo icaros (healing songs) that are expressed through synesthesia. Where sound and colour merge into one sensory experience and expression. The Icaro represents both the melody and the colourful pattern, in which the healing powers are contained and expressed. Each unique Psyometry pattern contains a kaleidoscopic fragment of an original Shipibo Icaro, resulting in powerful patterns, mandala’s and portals that mesmerise and intrigue the mind with its symmetry of organized randomness. The meaning and purpose of the tweaked pattern is all in the eye of the beholder!

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