Mel de Cacau

Cocoa Honey, 282 Ml from Brazil (SKU 4614)

This delicious Cocoa Honey Reduction Chacauhaa is a superfood that can be used to prepare food and meals, as well as juices and alcoholic beverages. It is not a honey but a vegan variant derived from the whole cacao fruit.

The Cocoa Honey Reduction Chacauhaa is a distinct superfood, made from only one ingredient: Cocoa. It contains over 300 vital nutrients such as magnesium, iron, calcium and flavonoids, which can help revitalize the body and promote good moods. There are no sugars or preservatives added during the production process. This product was introduced in 2015 when Clarissa discovered cocoa honey in Caraíva, Brazil and was mesmerized by its flavour. It is technically not honey but a light colored liquid with slightly viscous consistency, perfumed aromas, and a sweet yet tart taste that’s very pleasant and refreshing. Previously this product has been wasted due to not having much commercial value; most cocoa farmers only focus on the bean harvesting for chocolate-making while discarding the pulp and skin that remain. This Chacauhaa however pays tribute to the whole cocoa and produces an ethical and healthy superfood.