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E-Kratom, 5 Ml (SKU 2375)

Nicotine-free, 100% natural E-liquid, made with highly purified extract from Kratom leaves, (Mitragyna speciosa), in a base of glycerine. With highly refined extraction techniques we produce a very effective E-liquid, saturated with Kratom alkaloids, and still suitable to use in vaporizers. This is the new concentrated formula.

Available in 5 ml bottles, with precision spout for easily refilling your vaporizer.

This item is not allowed in the following countries:

Australia, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, South Korea, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, Latvia, Turkey, Ireland, Israel, Myanmar, New Zealand, Croatia, Italy, Canada, Switzerland

This natural product is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for any specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen. The product is packaged as botanical specimen and is not intended, branded, labelled, or marketed as a consumer product.

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