USB Charger With Cord, 4,2 V, 420 Mah from China (SKU 2400)

USB charger with cord. This charger is designed for ego batteries especially. It is 4.2V, 420mAh. If used with an AC adapter, the adapter requires at least 5 Volt, 500 mAh output. 

The simplest charging method for your vaporizer's battery, is a USB charger. It plugs easily into your PC, laptop or any device with a USB post. USB chargers are ideal for vapers who enjoy their e-cigarettes at home or at work, and are included in each e-cigarette starter kit. Simply take your battery, screw it into the charger, and plug it in to your device’s USB outlet. A red light on the charger will indicate your battery is charging. When done, the red light will turn blue. Charging your battery can take 1 upto 4 hours, depending it's size.

The wall charger is a 2-pins EU plug that easily plugs into any standard 220-volt wall outlet in your home. To charge your e-cigarette battery, you will need to screw your battery into your USB charger and plug that into your wall charger.