T-Dux 1.6C Clearomizer from China (SKU 2413)

Clearomizer T-dux 1.6C. Redesigned bottom-coil, unibody design for durability and simplicity. Comes with a 1.8 ohm single coil pre-installed. The coil rests in a ceramic cup, and the juice flow has been increased. What this means is that this clearomizer doesn't leak, tastes great and produces lots of vapor! The tank and mouthpiece are made out of one piece of economic plastic. With the T-Dux 1.6C, you get a clean, smooth, consistent vape. Specifications: capacity 1,6 ml, length 73.5 mm (including mouthpiece), diameter 14.4 mm.

This can only be used for PG/VG luquid e-vape products.

A bottom coil clearomizer, also known as a bottom feed clearomizer, or bottom feeders, is a clearomizer that has the atomizer (heating coil) at the bottom of the tank. The Bottom Coil Clearomizer Tanks have very short wicks that are hard to see. The clearomizer is a transparent tank that feeds e-liquid into an atomizer at the bottom of the device. Through inhaling through the device, the e-liquid is fed into the ceramic cup, atomizes through the heat of the coil, and becomes vapor. A clearomizer is easy to fill, you can clearly see the remaining liquid, they have a large capacity, are easy to clean and reusable. The coil heads need to be replaced every so often, which makes clearomizers with replaceable heads more cost effective. The coil is easily replacable.

The reason why it vapes so consistently well is that the wicks are constantly submerged in the ejuice (the atomizer is at the bottom, the e-juice lies on top, gravity forces constant penetration). Bottom feed tanks are also easy to rebuild (replace the atomizer). If the device is used correctly and filled correctly, you should not have any issues with bottom coil clearomizer tanks leaking. The bottom coil clearomizer tanks offer some key benefits over top coil clearomizer tanks, and as such many who try both will mostly favor the bottom coil tanks. In our opinion, the bottom coil tanks are the future of vaping and are our preferred choice.


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