Vaporizer Starter Kit

Vaporizer, Starter Kit from China (SKU 2396)

Complete vaporizer starter kit. This includes a USB rechargable battery, type Aro 650 mAh, and a bottom coil clearomizer, type T-dux 1.6C with a 1.8 ohm single coil atomizer pre-installed. Comes with a 4.2V 420mAh USB charger with cord, a wall adaptor B, AC 2-pins EU plug 500 mAh 5 Volts, a protective zipper case, black, and an extra replacement 1.8 ohm single coil atomizer.

This can only be used for PG/VG luquid e-vape products.

Complete vaporizer starter kit. This includes a USB rechargable battery, a bottom coil clearomizer with an atomizer pre-installed, a USB charger with cord, a wall adaptor, a protective zipper case and an extra replacement atomizer coil.


When assembled, it's total length is 150 mm, diameter 14,4 mm. 

Clearomizer T-dux 1.6C.

Redesigned bottom-coil, unibody design for durability and simplicity. Comes with a 1.8 ohm single coil pre-installed. Get ready for the next generation of vaping with the T-Dux 1.6C! The coil rests in a ceramic cup, and the juice flow has been increased. What this means is that this clearomizer doesn't leak, tastes great and produces lots of vapor! The tank and mouthpiece are made out of one piece of economic plastic. This unibody design increases durability and makes for a simpler clearomizer. With the T-Dux 1.6C, you get a clean, smooth, consistent vape. Specifications: Colour: transparent, capacity 1,6 ml, length 73.5 mm (including mouthpiece), diameter 14.4 mm.


Battery Aro 650 mAh. USB rechargable. Redesigned button for increased durability and reliability. Looks great with bottom-coil clearomizers. The button is flush against the rest of the body, there is a lesser chance of it getting caught on things or getting stuck. This is a regulated 3.7-volt device that can use a myriad of tanks and atomizers. Uniform threading. If you can use it on an eGo battery, then you can also use it on the Aro. A useful feature is: a 5-click on/off function which can help prevent unwanted or unintentional use. Simply press the button 5-times in a row to turn the battery "on" or "off". Specifications: Colour: stainless steel, length 86.5 mm, diameter 14 mm, 650 mAh, USB rechargable. Compatible will all 510 and eGo devices and chargers. 

USB Charger

USB charger with cord. This charger is designed for ego batteries especially. It is 4.2V, 420mAh. If used with an AC adapter, the adapter requires at least 5 Volt, 500 mAh output. 

Wall Adaptor

The wall charger is a 2-pins EU plug that easily plugs into any standard 220-volt AC wall outlet in your home. To charge your e-cigarette battery, you will need to screw your battery into your USB charger then plug that into your wall charger. Specifications: AC Adaptor B, 2-pins EU plug, 500 mAh at 5 Volts.

Zipper case

Long-slim-soft zipper case, black. This is a rigid, zippered carrying case. The case is long enough to store most battery and tank combinations without having to disassemble it. Specifications: length: 200 mm, width 45 mm, height 30 mm, colour: black.

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