Shipibo Pattern 1066

Sticker, 190 X 190 Mm, Polyester, Matte (SKU 2944)

This is a replication of a genuine Shipibo embroidered sacred pattern, printed on vinyl sticker. The original textile was originally bought on the streets of Iquitos, Peru, in 2006. A high quality 600 dpi color print on matte polyester permanent sticker with a velvet feel and look, that represents the original pattern very realistic. Size: 190 x 190 mm.

During one of my holidays in Peru, 9 years ago I collected hundreds of Shipibo embroided materials, and brought them back to sell them on the website. Over the years, every single one of them was sold and received with gratitude by many customers. Now we have brought back the best of all of them, as reproductions. Some of the most impressive patterns are now available in a variety of materials and sizes, on stickers and posters.

A portion of the money received for each reproduction will go back to the women who wove the original fabric. When we return to Iquitos we will dispense the funds we've accumulated, before purchasing more of their best pieces of work. So by purchasing a reproduction you are contributing financially to the lives of the Shipibo women who created these beautiful pieces of textile art.