About Us

We are Maya Ethnobotanicals, established in 2000. We are situated in the Netherlands, Europe, and proudly ship our products on a daily basis, to destinations worldwide.

We collect and provide the rarest ethnobotanicals. Our enthusiastic customers worldwide have turned this website into a vibrant and positive portal for quality ethnobotanical plants and related products both common and rare, and a wide variety of incenses, handicrafts and fine arts from around the world.

We value the old cultures. We respect their art, their visions, their harmony with nature, and their ancient knowledge of "teacher" plants. We believe that teacher plants are crucial for the awakening and evolution of mankind. They are tremendously important to culture, medicine, technology and personal growth. The power and potential of these plants must be acknowledged and embraced. In this moment in time, much of humanity has become disconnected from nature. Reconnecting with these plants reconnects us with reality, and re-aligns us with nature.


The Maya Team.


The botanical products offered on this website are delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for any specific purpose. Our products are botanical specimen, intended for scientific study. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions before placing your order.